What is the enrollment process?

Parents can sign up and begin the registration process for their child. You will have to input each child’s information separately. Once that is done, based on your child’s grade level, you will be shown the available courses for the term. You can filter through the courses by clicking on the checkbox on a specific child’s name. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at registration@oliveseed.ca.

What is the duration of a course?

All of our courses are taught over an 8-week span, where week 8 is dedicated to the final course projects. We normally offer in-class courses to our students. However, due to these unprecedented times and for the safety of our students and teachers, our classes will take place online. We do look forward to welcoming our students back to our classrooms at a safer date! Currently, our courses are scheduled once a week online on Zoom, and timings range from 7 to 8 PM or 8 to 9 PM depending on your child’s age group. Please double check the course schedule for more details.

What are the fees for each course?

Currently, we are offering an early bird discount until September 21, 2020! Early bird fees start at $35 per course. The regular fee starts at $50 per course.

If I paid the registration fee, then withdrew my child, will I get my money back?

In order to obtain a full refund, withdrawals from the programs must be made at least ONE WEEK prior to the start date for the courses. Please note that a $15 admin fee will be deducted from the registration fee. Withdrawals made less than one week prior to the start date or after the first class will receive a 50% refund of the course fee. NO refunds will be processed after the second class. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at registration@oliveseed.ca.

Do you offer new courses every term?

At Olive Seed, we strive to create and teach courses that interest the next generation and that allow them to be positive changes in society and stand up for themselves. We curate courses that touch on topics that allow students to gain and improve upon important skills that can aid them further in life. In addition, we offer courses that also address social issues occurring around the world. We believe it is important to equip the younger generation with knowledge and abilities that can help them become critical thinkers.

We offer courses such as ‘Introduction to Public Speaking’ and ‘Intro to Debate Skills’ that work on developing children’s soft skills. We also teach courses such as ‘Palestine Geography’ and ‘The Power of Action’ that introduce the younger generation to social movements and allow them to be informed about important issues and engage in meaningful discourses. We offer Advanced level courses to students who have taken Introductory courses in a previous term to allow them to further develop on their interests and skills. You can look at the current list of courses that we are offering in Courses

How do I follow up with my child’s progress?

We use ClassDojo to make sure that parents follow up with their children’s progress in class. Teachers usually take pictures and videos during class time and post them on ClassDojo for parents to see and interact with. We would recommend that parents download the ClassDojo app on their phones to be up to date with their children anytime and anywhere. 

Parents can also get in touch with their teacher by using the chat feature provided in ClassDojo.

How do you evaluate my child in classes?

Student evaluations are conducted in various manners. This depends on the course objectives and requirements. Our teachers rely on the use of a rubric which allows a student to see what is required of them in that course and assignment. The course evaluations also provide feedback to our students which help them keep track of their progress and assess if there is anything they need to improve upon, or need additional assistance in. Students are also given a copy of the rubric to aid in evaluating their work and ensuring that they are reaching the goals and expectations set out for them.

Do you have programs for all age groups?

Olive Seed is proud to announce that we cater to Grades 2 and up. We have divided the groups into the following categories: Grade 2 to 3, 4 to 5, 6 to 7, 8 and up. We recently introduced new courses, which focuses on Grades 8 to 12 such as ‘Selected topics in Human Rights’ and ‘Legal Cases in Canada’. These courses look at how the youth can be involved within their communities and spark change and meaningful discourse. You can see the classes that are available for each group this term in Courses.

Will I get a discount if I register more than one child in an Olive Seed course?

Yes! If you register a second child in an Olive Seed course, that child will receive a 10% discount, even if the siblings are taking different courses. Contact us at registration@oliveseed.ca if you have any questions!

What software or supplies does my child need to take an Olive Seed course?

As we are currently offering all of our courses online this term, all your child needs are Zoom and ClassDojo downloaded on their desktop/laptop/tablet and a pencil and notebook! Any additional supplies for specific courses will be listed in the class syllabus that will be provided to students within the first week. To learn more about ClassDojo, click here.

What are ‘Streams’? I see this category in the Courses page. Can you explain what this means?

Streams are a range of topic specific courses that we offer to our students. We offer 8 different streams. They are divided under two categories, ‘Knowledge’ or ‘Skill Set’ based courses.

Under Skill Set courses, we currently offer these streams: Public Speaking, Communication & Debate Skills, Activism & Social Movement Skills, and Media Relationship Skills.

Under Knowledge based courses, we currently offer: Global Issues/Palestine, Governance System, Canadian Law, and Human Rights.

I received an ‘Order On-Hold’ email. What does that mean?

Our team members are working to verify the payment on your order. Once the payment goes through, your child’s registration is complete, and you should receive a confirmation email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at registration@oliveseed.ca.

Does Olive Seed follow any other organization?

No, Olive Seed Academy does not. We are 100% independent. However, if you are looking to sponsor Olive Seed, please contact us at (enter email address here).

How can we connect with Olive Seed outside of ClassDojo?

We have Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages! You can connect with us on any of these platforms! We also have a WhatsApp group where we have direct contact with parents. To learn more about the WhatsApp group, contact us at registration@oliveseed.ca