In 2017, a group of parents came together with a common concern - their kids were struggling with expressing their identities as young people growing up in Canada. It was difficult to find a place where the kids could learn valuable information while also gaining valuable skills that will be of use to them in the future.

It was every parent’s dream to find a place that would empower their children to create positive changes in their communities, while feel confident doing so. A place where could learn about human rights, politics, and activism, while also gaining leadership skills, public speaking skills, debate skills, and so much more. Many other organizations or community centres often offered single courses here and there, but it was almost impossible to find all of these things offered at one place, and with the underlying context of empowering youth to be involved in their communities.  And then they realized, why wait until someone else does it?

​They came together and decided to make this dream of theirs a reality for their children. Using their common vision, they started Olive Seed Academy, which began with only a few students attending one course. They knew that with dedication and commitment Olive Seed would grow more and more over the years, and would become a go-to place for parents and students alike. And they were right!

Olive Seed currently offers several different courses under different streams, and has an extensive long-term vision with dozens of new courses already being planned for the future. We went from catering to a few students, to catering to hundreds - in less than two years. We are confident that our services and community impact will continue to grow, with the help of our community and team members. 
What Makes us different
​Our vision is to create a bright future for our students, in which they are able to use the skills they learn and become hard-working, inspiring leaders that create positive changes in their communities. We want to empower them to feel confident expressing their thoughts, beliefs, and identity, no matter where they are.
While many organizations may offer classes for children, our courses are specialized and geared towards current events and issues that our children are facing in their daily lives. The different courses we offer build upon each other, and to ensure the students are getting the most out of these courses, we offer extensive hands-on training (in the form of presentations, projects, and more) so that the students can apply all the knowledge they learned in class.

​Our courses are also prepared by specialists and delivered by experienced teachers.